Dead Plays II

Just in time for Hallowe’en, Forerunner Playwrights Theatre will celebrate the dead and let them walk among us again–dead plays that is. Come enjoy selections by local playwrights and screen writers. Beginnings, monologues and scenes that have no place in anything they have written. Work that is essentially, dead. Come see if it does in fact deserve another chance to walk the earth!

Featuring work by local and award-winning writers: Anthony Black, Thom Fitzgerald, Meghan Hubley, Natasha MacLellan, Michael Melski, Lee-Anne Poole, Charlie Rhindress, and Lisa Rose Snow.

Admission $10
Show time: 8:00pm

A fundraiser for Forerunner Playwrights’ Theatre’s upcoming production of ‘Ms. Right Now’ by Natasha MacLellan