Leaves of The Virgin Mary

Forerunner Playwrights' Theatre Presents Leaves of The Virgin Mary by Margaret Legere

Forerunner Playwrights’ Theatre Presents Leaves of The Virgin Mary by Margaret Legere *Photo by Zach Faye

“Tripping down memory lane” – A review by Kate Watson of The Coast 

“Movement in search of Salvation” – A review by Elissa Barnard of The Chronicle Herald 

Audiences are saying good things about Leaves of The Virgin Mary:

“Beautiful haunting and original work. Theatre like nothing else you’ve seen in Halifax” -Annie Valentina

“This beautiful show illustrates how modern theatre can be… conceptual without becoming inaccessible… Immense talent on stage here.” -Kevin Kindred

“I could have watched for another hour… a truly unique and wonderful show”- Hannah Harper

“That was real.” -Meghan Hubley

Leaves of The Virgin Mary is about a young woman who – struggling to deal with loss, in the throes of an existential crisis – decides to go on a Vision Quest by smoking a drug called Salvia, nicknamed “The Leaves of The Virgin Mary” by Shamans who use it to create visionary states of consciousness during spiritual healing sessions.

Instead of finding direction, Jo finds herself lost in a whirl of memories about the dissolution of her family, her extreme isolation and morbidity, and her relationship with a chaotic and beautiful painter named Maria.
The piece deals with issues of divorce, loss, addiction, love and destruction. It is as much a movement piece as it is a play of words. The main character-Jo-is connected to a chorus through material that the malevolent players control. Every movement Jo makes is a direct result of or action against the pull of these antagonistic spirit guides.

Forerunner’s Leaves of The Virgin Mary Team:

Director: Keelin Jack  Choreographer: Veronique MacKenzie

Stage Management/ Movement Coach: Gina Thornhill

Lighting Designer: Johnny Cann

Projection Design and Photography: Zach Faye

Costume Design:  Andrea Ritchie

Poster Image by Suse Silva

Staring:  Stephanie MacDonald, James MacLean, Margaret Legere

Leaves of the Virgin Mary PromoPhoto

*photo by Zach Faye